Monday, 22 January 2018


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Lord Rose-Reid and the Lost Lady

❤️❤️❤️USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR EM TAYLOR brings you the third novel in the lively Contrary Fairy Tales Series.

Lord Jason Rose-Reid should never have questioned why there was a horse out in a blizzard in the middle of Cumbria. If he had not, he would not have rescued Lady Rutherford and her babe from the snow. He also would not now be struggling with a myriad of emotions regarding the not-so-merry widow herself. He would be drinking port and reading Homer like all good rakes should be doing on cold winter evenings. Not running about the country, widow and babe in tow, with a growing desire for the aforementioned widow to boot. 

How had it come to this? Fleeing for her life, or rather, the life or her three-month-old son. It seemed that some men would kill a harmless infant to gain money, land and a title. She had fled to Lord Whitsnow's estate, but due to an unfortunate series of events, had ended up in the dower house with both Lord Whitsnow and his friend, Lord Rose-Reid. Two sullen, fractious gentlemen; a crying, fractious baby and a growing realisation that they were her, and her son’s, protectors. Now every time she looked at Lord Rose-Reid he stole her breath. And every so often, she allowed him to steal more than a kiss.

She wanted to get away. Her only problem was how. Was she in more danger staying or going? It was almost as if she was in a bear's den, and he wanted to eat her all up. And the vexing thing was, she was more than willing to be dinner. Now, he said she'd be safer with him in Yorkshire, and after a visit from her pursuers, she may very well be. 

Based loosely on the story of Snow White and Rose Red, Lord Rose Reid and the Lost Lady is a bold, erotic Regency tale which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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