Sunday, 18 March 2018

Em Taylor joins Pict Publishing

We are really happy to announce we have a new author joining the Pict family today. Em Taylor officially becomes a Pict author and valued community member as of this morning, and now you can find her info and books across our website, pages and blog.

About Em

Who is Em Taylor?

USA Today bestselling author Em Taylor writes Regency Romance and has dabbled in the contemporary and paranormal sub-genres of romance too. But she can’t resist the lure of the ballrooms of Mayfair and the country houses of the aristocracy in the early 19th Century for long. Born and raised in the central belt of Scotland, Em has tried her hand at nursing, retail and teaching Religious Education.

It wasn’t until she found she enjoyed writing Star Trek Voyager fan fiction that she decided to try writing her own characters. She still indulges her love of film and TV by crewing at conventions around the UK. She also enjoys playing the recorder, reading, walking and hopes one day to finish a knitting project with all the wool she has stashed in her house.

Why Pict?

"Being an Indie author is a great job, but it can be lonely and isolating and you can get stuck in your ways. Pict is an innovative idea for authors to come together, share ideas, promote one another and pool talents to help each other out. I joined to become part of a community, part of a brand and part of a family."

Her books 

Saved by A Rake (Eversley Siblings Book 1)

When Lady Rebecca Eversley is left ravished by the Earl of Newthorpe and facing ruination, she has the choice to point her pretty little nose in the air and face the gossips of the Ton or scurry off to the country to live out her life as an old maid. 

Restoring Lady Anna (Eversley Siblings Book 2)

When Lord James Eversley is accused of a murder he did not commit, he dresses up as his new brother-in-law’s footman and hitches a ride in their carriage out of town. When it seems they are no longer being followed he begins to relax until a minor accident causes them to stop at a shabby looking inn.

Lady Harriet's Unusual Reward

Lady Harriet Weatherby is at the end of her tether. Her brother, the Earl of Oldbeck is running amok. That would not normally be her problem, but the ton consider the earl to be an imbecile. Since her father died, he has had no one to guide him and he will no longer listen to Harriet. 

A Desperate Wager

Nathaniel Spencer, the Fourteenth Duke of Kirkbourne wakes up with an almighty hangover and a wager note in his pocket stating he has agreed to marry the Earl of Brackingham’s daughter. And he can’t even remember ever meeting the chit. 
England, 1811
When Lord Benedict Mallory is lost at sea while fighting in His Majesty's Navy, Lady Cassandra Strong knows her happy ever after with the handsome duke's son will never be. That is until she spots her friend's footman. 

Sleeping Lord Beattie - The Contrary Fairy Tales (The Contrary Fairy Tales Book 1)

Young ladies of good breeding do not kiss gentlemen in their bed chambers even if they have been asleep for three weeks. One would think Lady Emily would know that. One would think Lady Emily would not have entered Lord Beattie’s bed chamber alone. One would have thought that kissing the handsome viscount would have been the last thing she would have done.

The Cinder Earl’s Christmas Deception (The Contrary Fairy Tales Book 2)

Gabriel Marchby, Earl of Cindermaine and legitimate heir to the Duke of Hartsmere, should have refused to be part of a farce that meant he had to pretend to be his illegitimate half-brother. Gabriel should have, but he would not. 

Lord Rose Reid and the Lost Lady (The Contrary Fairy Tales Book 3)

Lord Jason Rose-Reid should never have questioned why there was a horse out in a blizzard in the middle of Cumbria. If he had not, he would not have rescued Lady Rutherford and her babe from the snow. He also would not now be struggling with a myriad of emotions regarding the not-so-merry widow herself.

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