Friday, 23 March 2018

#FridayFacts - Taking your Amazon reviews with you (if you leave your hybrid publisher)

Want to leave your hybrid publisher? Find out what you need to do to move your Amazon reviews from the version of your book published by your hybrid publisher to the self-published version of your book.

Please note: This post is not about how to terminate a contract with a hybrid publisher because different publishers have different contracts, ranging from allowing you to give 30 days' notice to being tied into your contract for the publication in question for you lifetime plus 70 years.

By Sarah Marie Graye

If your or hybrid publisher have terminated your contract, they are entitled to publish your book up until the end of the contract. You are entitled to publish your book from the following day.

There are two Amazon teams you need to contact about this: KDP Customer Support and the Content Review team.

📧 Email 1 - send one week before publication

Email the KDP Customer Support team a copy of the email from your hybrid publisher confirming the contract termination date. State that, once the contract has ended, the publisher no longer has the rights to publish your book. Explain that your hybrid publisher will email them on the last day of the contract requesting their version of your book be unpublished.

📧 Email 2 - send one day before publication
To: your hybrid publisher

Email your hybrid publisher reminding them to request your publication be unpublished.

You will not get notification of when this happens because the request is not attached to your account. However, you can keep refreshing your Amazon book page until it no longer shows your book.

The old Kindle version of your book will disappear completely, but the paperback version will remain until you request its removal. However, you want to wait until your reviews have been moved before you do this.

Before you send Email 3 you need to have published your book and claimed it as yours via your Author Central account.

📧 Email 3 - publication day

Once you have published your book, you can request your reviews be moved over from old to new. It is the Content Review team that look after this request. Quote both old and new ASINs in this email.

If you discover some reviews are missing once they have been transferred, check the paperback version of your book as you may have reviews attached to this version. If you do, email the Content Review team again and ask for them to transfer from old paperback to new Kindle.

📧 Email 4 - once reviews have been moved

Ask the KDP team to remove your old paperback page from both being searchable on Amazon and from your Amazon author page.

If at any point you receive a reply stating your request cannot be carried out, reply to the email with the word "complaint" in the subject heading and request that your complaint be looked into by a manager. Amazon employs a typical complaints escalation process so requests that are initially rejected are processed when submitted as a complaint.

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