Friday, 9 March 2018

#Fridayfacts - Using Instagram to create following

Using Instagram in better ways has been my obsession this past month.
Now I may not be an Instagram guru, but these little tips and tricks have been working for our authors and we thought we would share them with you.

Bio format - 

Job title/identity
Link to linktree menu
(you can sign up to linktree using your IG account)

(This bio layout seems to work for some reason and checking all main contributors, they all have similar)

Example >>>>

Make sure your profile image is eye catching enough, or relates to what your account is for.

Content - 

  • Motivational quotes, fun, visually attractive pictures. 
  • Helpful content. 
  • Quotes on life, self improvement, life goals, self worth - all seem to have a higher interaction rate.
  • Visually appealing overall Instagram profiles get more followers. 
  • Have a theme for your account. 
  • A great feed attracts followers.
  • Have a content strategy ; 
  • Use Quotes Inspirational, motivational images 
  • Know what your audience likes by keeping an eye on your insights from past posts. 
  • Provide value 
  • Trigger an emotion 
As authors do not be afraid to litter personal posts through all of it. You are building a fan base who not only love your books, but want to know you. Do not be afraid to involve them in your life and add a little glamour.

Hashtags - 

The key to finding more followers. Use as many relatable hashtags and look through for posts with successful hashtags. High like and comment rates - look at their most used hashtags and use them 

Consistency -

Posting everyday at least once a day at a similar time actually helps improve your reach. Instagram quietly rewards consistent posters and if you stick to it , minimal once a day then you will see your reach improve. I have tested this with a daily morning , single post, and reach has went up by 50%
Also having a consistent theme in the pictures you post can build a style following.

Shout outs - 

Shout outs are a great way to grow a following. By tagging other authors and pages you encourage the same to be done for you and earn followers from cross posting. Widen your network with appreciative posts, shout outs to fellow authors and helping promote others. Most will return the favour.

Competitions/giveaways -

Think about doing Instagram exclusive giveaways, where followers tag a friend. This can increase traffic immensely.

Here's an example from a popular IG account.

Insights -

After every change or trial you do on your account, pay attention to your insights. See what works and repeat. 

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