Thursday, 5 April 2018

Thérésa Hedges joins Pict Publishing

We are really happy to announce we have a new author joining the Pict family today. Thérésa Hedges officially becomes a Pict author and valued community member as of this morning, and now you can find her info and books across our website, pages and blog.

💖 About Thérésa

Thérésa Hedges is a Welsh writer, living with her husband and furbaby in a seaside town on the South Wales coast.

She originally trained as a psychologist then (when the Ghostbusters thing didn't work out) she went into teaching. All the while, she was writing, initially working on screenplays before moving on to be an award-winning playwright. She continues to work as a playwright/screenwriter, and recently completed work on the short “Like Glass”.

In 2015, Thérésa published her debut novel, the science-fiction thriller “Our Little Miracle”. 2016 saw the release of “Diary Of An Everyday Vampire”, and the story of a very different vampire - “Dominic”.

Her style is very visual, poetic, and has been described as "like Classic Gothic fiction of the best kind".

She has a penchant for writing strong, independent female characters as can be seen in all her books, including the latest book “Trash”. Her next book, “First Impressions” (inspired by her all-time favourite Austen novel) continues very much in this vein.

Thérésa describes herself as being 'multi-lingual, hyperactive and outdoorsy'. She is also an actress, singer, and is learning to play the guitar. She jokes that if/when anyone makes a film of Dominic, she'd like to play Aunt Melissa, please!

💖 Thérésa's books

Our Little Miracle
How far would you go to save the world? This is the dilemma facing young scientist Fraser Maddox as he joins the mysterious Project Parthenos, led by the equally enigmatic Richard Alexander. Over the next few years, Maddox discovers that Alexander has his own agenda. Success eventually follows catastrophe.

As events unfold, one thing becomes ever clearer: In trying to save mankind, they may have inadvertently risked its destruction... This fast-paced science fiction adventure explores the moral dilemmas of genetic engineering and the potential it has for shaping our future - for better or worse.

Diary of an Everyday Vampire
No glitter, no fuss, just a new-fangled view on life... Did you know vampires are real? Of course you did. Well, you always suspected it. And they're not actually undead, just largely unenthusiastic about the modern world. Here's your opportunity to find out the amusing truth... Read the secret thoughts of one such outrageous creature: the Everyday Vampire.

Dominic: The Tale Of An Accidental Vampire
Not all angels fall. Some are pushed... London, the 1890s. Dominic Ross is a sweet, idealistic student doctor, finding his way around London society with the help of his devoted friend James. Dominic's life is full of potential: a promising career, good friends and a girl he adores. When he and James meet society darling Sir Adam Morell, they have little idea of the secret that will turn the innocent Dominic's life upside down.

In the near future, society is split ever more into haves and have-nots. People will gladly pay through the teeth for the latest must-have product. Most famous and desirable of all these is a new 'green' furnishing material called Kalsinum, nicknamed 'Trash' by the popular press, due to its recycled components.

Nina, a young biochemist goes to work at the labs that produce it, and meets the dashing but troubled Doctor Edwards. One by one, she uncovers the secrets behind her predecessor's departure; the unusual recruitment techniques used by the company; and the disturbing truth behind Kalsinum, unknown even to the people working with it...

COMING SOON...  First Impressions
Lottie, Ellie and Jenny are three young women looking for love. Their dating prospects are a motley bunch at best. Then into the picture comes the charming Nathaniel, his perfectionist brother Jake and their hapless cousin Chris. Throw in intrigue caused by family and friends past and present, and the course of true love will have a very hard time running smooth. Or anywhere at all.

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