Thursday, 3 May 2018

Isra Sravenheart joins Pict Publishing

We are really happy to announce we have a new author joining the Pict family today. Isra Sravenheart officially becomes a Pict author and valued community member as of this morning, and now you can find her info and books across our website and social media.

💖 About Isra

Isra Sravenheart, USA Today bestselling author, lives in a fantasy world while writing elements of life and love into her books.

Digging in the dark fantasy realm, her preferred area is creating villains that have hearts but she loves a good hero/ heroine. Dragons, witches and ravens are her forte!

She resides in the UK and loves spending time with her cats! You can stalk Isra on social media and find out what her next magical concoction will be!

💖 Isra's books

Her Blackened Soul (The Blackened Series Book 1)
"They say once you go dark, you don't go back. That remains true for me."

"I'm Lady Isra, the most ferocious villain in the land or so I hear. The people say a lot about me. They say I am heartless, cold and wicked. But they don't know what made me this way. I lost love becoming trapped in the throes of darkness."

"I'm isolated in this world. I've taken the power of a dragon. I've cast a spell upon myself so that only those who possess the ability of magic can feast their eyes upon me."

"But now I've met him. This magnificent being. He's a raven. I can't help but admire him. Astrid, now what a handsome fellow. I don't know where he will take me but I'm curious to step into his claws."

A witch drawn to the dark world that's only going to go darker. A tale of magic and romance. Perfect for fans of fairy tales and Disney.

Her Blackened Heart (The Blackened Series Book 2)
"Do you know what lurks inside a witch's heart? I do."

"I'm Astrid, raven turned man companion of formidable witch, Lady Isra. I will do anything to protect her. I've cloaked our home so not a soul can find it."

"Then there's the girl, Contessia. She's no match for Isra. She's good and believes in all that 'love and light' stuff. It's child's play to me. Isra fancies having herself a protege to lead astray, I'm okay with that."

"But what I was not prepared for... The light has found it's way into her soul again."

"Staring into the eyes of Isra's long-lost foe, Everilda, I discover the real reason why she originally turned her back on it all."

Now war is waging between Lady Isra of the Dark and Everilda, the mortal witch who has lost her powers. She sets her sights on Isra's magic. Wanting it all for herself. Will Everilda succeed?

Logan and Serephina's Transcended Love: Love Beyond No Bounds
"She's the most beautiful person, I've ever met. How could she want me?" ~ Logan

“He's strong, ambitious and intelligent. He has everything I have dreamed of having in a man. And to top it off, he's head over heels in love with me." ~ Serephina

Stuck in a loveless relationship, Serephina Dawn saunters through life in a haze of gray. With no sizzle or reciprocation between her and her mate, she finds herself trapped.

Enter the spark: Logan Zayne. Like an ocean wave crashing over her, the flames of passion burst to life in Serephina's heart and now the world reveals itself in technicolor.

As the walls of her former relationship and the life she's led before begin to come down, Seraphina and Logan open themselves up to a world of possibility, where love conquers all.

However, although the world has brought them together, it also seems quite set on keeping them apart as they face many obstacles along their journey to happily ever after.

When love is real it follows you anywhere and for Logan and Serephina, anywhere is as good a place as any to fall in love.

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