Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The Carrero Series book giveaway - from L.T. Marshall

Pict author L.T. Marshall is running a giveaway on her blog where you can win the first four ebooks in her Carrero Series.

So that's the first three books covering Emma and Jake and Jake’s POV bonus book.

More than enough to fall in love with this series and you get a tied up plot line too.

Head to L.T. Marshall's blog to enter

About the Carrero Series
Contemporary romance with gritty topics and already a best selling series since 2017. Books 1-3 are the story of a young, emotionally scarred woman, embarking on a new relationship with her employer. Recently promoted to his side; a friendship forming which helps her face her scars, her past and forms a new life built on mutual trust and love. This is an epic turbulent story about letting people in, letting people go and learning to reconnect with emotion. Lots of engaging characters, twists, turns and drama.

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