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Interview with Thérésa Hedges - author of The Dominic Saga and Our Little Miracle

To celebrate the upcoming paperback releases of Fortior Concordia: Book 2 of The Dominic Saga and Our Little Miracle, by Thérésa Hedges here is an interview with Thérésa where she talks about the inspiration behind her books, her writing process and her publishing journey so far...
 1) When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been either making up poems or stories. Definitely, before I learned to read or write (I started reading at age 3). I guess I never really chose to be a writer. I think I just always was.

2) Tell us about your writing and publishing journey so far

Poems and short stories and plays at school, followed by a short film and plays in my 20s, which led to some being filmed professionally. I‘d started writing full-length novels at university, mostly as a way of occupying my time while avoiding boozy fellow students at the halls of residence.
I then moved on to full-length plays. I won the odd award, which was a nice reassurance. But after working my backside off on more than one occasion to complete projects, only to have them languishing in limbo, and never getting made, I decided to go back to writing novels.
I then got fed up with the daft rhetoric I was getting from publishers when they rejected my manuscripts, so when I discovered it was possible to self-publish (and not in the old-fashioned vanity way), I went for it! I then joined Pict Publishing early last year.

3) What is your favoured genre and why?

Science fiction and horror . Definitely. It’s a great platform for asking the big questions in life. Who are we? What does it mean to be human? Et cetera. All the classics do. Obviously, they’re not the only genres that do it, but I feel that they do it in the simplest way. Rather like the way a comedian will use exaggeration to make a point, science fiction, and horror use the fantastic, the futuristic and the horrific to do the same.
And gothic horror is my favourite sub-genre. I’ve always had an obsession with the classics, and with vampires in particular. I was actually nicknamed ‘vampire’ at school, due to various things, including unfortunately shaped canines. I got them fixed (mostly), but the nickname stuck.

4) Where did the inspiration for this book come from?

Fortior Concordia – The first book, “Dominic: The Tale Of An Accidental Vampire” was originally meant to be a standalone? But after a major rewrite and a major change in the ending, I realised I couldn’t let go of the characters. As a result of my hamster-in-wheel brain, I was taken away for the weekend to Brighton to ‘shut off for a bit‘. And so, on a grey November day, there we were, on the pier. I couldn’t help it…I wondered what the town Dominic and James move to at the end of the story was like. And the whole second book suddenly downloaded itself into my head. I knew why they’d moved. I knew exactly what the town was like. I knew what was going to happen to them there. I knew James would have a storyline of his own there. I knew who they were going to meet, and the problems they would face. Only it wouldn’t all fit in just one book, and so the Dominic saga was born.
Our Little Miracle - came about through the two most dangerous words a writer can utter – “What if?”. There had been a flurry of ‘genetic engineering gone wrong’ drama series on TV. And one thing stood out. They were, without exception, all linked to some military agenda or other. My thought was ‘What if… the military wasn’t involved?’ What if the action was driven by someone else’s agenda? Why else might someone go down a particular line of research? What would the end result be? And is it always duty-bound to be a disaster?

5) What sort of research did you have to do for this book?

Fortior Concordia -I already had a good grounding in vampirism due to the aforementioned lifelong obsession, so I turned my attention to researching the next obvious thing – anatomy and physiology. The two heroes, James and Dominic, are doctors, so it was an obvious choice. I always like to make my fiction as factual as possible. That also meant trying to make sense of several vampire myths, to tie them all together. And all the while, to make it all seem feasible!

Our Little Miracle – I dove into researching reproductive science, learning all about IVF and everything that had come before it, fact and theory. Also, read some very disturbing research that was done during the 1940s. I’ll say no more.

6) What do you think the biggest challenges to indie writers are?

Certainly one of the biggest challenges is just to get your voice heard. Let’s face it, anyone and everyone can be a published writer nowadays. There’s a lot of very good stuff out there. But not all of it. I think some genres sell way better than others, and if you don’t happen to write in that genre, getting heard is even harder.

7) What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

One thing I would say is this: don’t ask for advice – simply tell someone you’re writing a book, then grab a bucket of popcorn and sit back while the floodgates open and all the advice rolls in. You won’t be able to stop it. But, to be serious, I’d say just be picky about what advice you take. Choose for yourself. Each writer is different. And if one of them prefaces their advice with ‘the only way to (whatever) is…’, then understand that what they mean is that it’s the ‘only way’ for them.
And if you do ask for advice, be very, very specific. Advice, like most things, is subjective. Writing advice doubly so.

8) What are you working on next?

The main focus is now going to be finishing writing a feature film, Aurora (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9272408/) plus getting the next book in the Dominic Saga up and running. But no doubt there’ll be a few other projects on the go at the same time. It’s a great way of avoiding writer’s block.

9) Tell us about your writing process...how does it all come together?

It really depends on where the original inspiration has come from. The basics are – I never write in a linear fashion. I’ve never been able to. I’ve tried. Believe me. A very basic storyline will jump into my head, and as I write them down, more and more details start explaining itself to me. ‘Sudden realisation’ is one of the most common headings in my story notes! Scenes pop up, get recorded, and then it all snowballs until I’ve got about three-quarters of the finished story. Then it all gets knitted together. And then the real work starts!

10) What is the best thing about being a writer and why?

It’s therapy!

Thank you to Thérésa for agreeing to an interview. Fortior Concordia, Book 2 in The Dominic Saga is out now in ebook and released in paperback on October 1st. Our Little Miracle is available now in ebook and the paperback will be released mid-December. The blurbs, reviews and buying links for both books are below...

Fortior Concordia Book 2 in The Dominic Saga
Blurb: Fate is the deadliest predator...
Dominic, Arena, James, and baby Ully have moved to the tiny seaside town of Aberarawn on the west Wales coast. But their new life is not all plain sailing. The little family settles down to the joys and heartaches of togetherness, while James searches for his own Happy Ever After. But the longed-for quiet life eludes them all as a dangerous secret from the two friends' past threatens to destroy their family, and their future.
The eagerly awaited sequel to 'Dominic' picks up six months after they leave Merlinton. Questions are answered, and new mysteries unveil themselves in this unique tale of vampire life and love.


"Anyone who wants to read a book that you can't put down and is a bit different from your average vampire books will love this book” (Amazon *****)

"Heart pounding romance, electric action and stunning storytelling- Hedges continues to surprise, proving that modern day vampires can do more than just break the mold- they can shatter it entirely.” (GoodReads *****)
 Our Little Miracle
Blurb: How far would you go to save the world? 
This is the dilemma facing young scientist Fraser Maddox as he joins the mysterious Project Parthenos, led by the equally enigmatic Richard Alexander. Over the next few years, Maddox discovers that Alexander has his own agenda. Success eventually follows catastrophe. As events unfold, one thing becomes ever clearer: 
In trying to save mankind, they may have inadvertently risked its destruction...
This fast-paced science fiction adventure explores the moral dilemmas of genetic engineering and the potential it has for shaping our future - for better or worse.


"Great plot, thought provoking theme.Held my interest from the start. Couldn't wait to see how the story unfolded. Would make a great movie! Highly recommend it" (Amazon *****)

"Loved this book. Very thought provoking.” (Amazon *****)

Purchase link: getbook.at/LittleMiracle

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