Could Pict Publishing be your new home?

What we're looking for...

We like books with strong female characters and books that let female characters shine.

And we want our authors to shine too. So we're looking for writers who compliment those already at Pict without being too close to encroach on another author's marketing space.

It means we sometimes say "No" to excellent writers because we don't have the right space for them. (We explain this up front because rejection is hard – and sometimes it has nothing to do with your writing ability.)

We are based in the UK and currently work only with UK/EU-based authors. This is because we don't have legal experience elsewhere – and we only want to accept authors we can fully support.

We want to hear from...
  • Female writers who have their first novel finished, but have no idea what happens next
  • Self-published female novelists who’d like to join the Pict Publishing brand
  • Female novelist who are unhappy with their hybrid publisher but who don’t want to be a solo author

If you're interested in joining us 

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Not finished your first novel yet?

You're welcome to join our Writers Group on Facebook where we chat about book ideas and support each other's progress.


  1. What does being in the Pict Brand actually mean. I published with Amazon Select who have sole selling rights for digital books but not paperbacks.

    1. Hi there. Pict is a non profit community in which the author retains all rights and control and we offer a support system that guides you through the journey of publishing. Involvement is really up to the individual in how much we help or you contribute to our community.


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