Pict perks

There are no charges to join Pict.

If you come under the Pict Publishing brand, you can access many perks of being a Pict author.

The main services we offer are based on giving up time and using our experience for free, so we don't incur any costs in supporting you.

You maintain full control of your work and keep 100% of your royalties.

What we offer

We can create mobi, epub and print files for you from your manuscript.
(We work from your final proof in Microsoft Word.)

We can also work with you and help create your covers for you.
(And we have a Pict logo available for you to use on your book covers.)

As a Pict author, you'll be invited to join a Facebook group where we discuss marketing ideas. You'll be part of a team of authors who share each other's books and promos on social media. And can create a set of banners for you to use on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You'll also be given the chance to take part in additional marketing activities, such as blog tours and giveaways.

Additional support

We belong to the Fiction Cafe - Book Club, run by Wendy Clarke, which all our authors are invited to join. As a member, you gain exclusive access to two additional groups.

The Writers Group: offers support and advice in a friendly, non-judgemental environment.
The ARC Review Group: provides a beta reading service for "advance reader copies" of your novel.

We also offer PA/Marketing support from SLPA Services, run by Suzie Cairney. SLPA offers a number of services to Pict authors for free.

And we work with Megg & Co. Editing Boutique, run by Megg Geri, author of Write a Novel in 30 Days, who offers Pict authors a chance to chat through their book ideas and first-stage novel development.

Megg also runs a free course called 5 Days to Crush your Fears and Start Your Book.

So are there any costs?

There are no costs that you have to pay. But some things do cost money.

These costs are not tied to Pict Publishing:
you would have to pay for them if you self-published without us!

e.g. You can use a free image for your book cover - but if you want to use one that needs to be purchased, then you have to cover the cost

e.g. ebooks don't require an ISBN, but if you want to publish a paperback version of your book (and don't publish it exclusively with Amazon KDP), you'll need to purchase an ISBN

e.g. We run the giveaways for free, but if you want to take part you cover the cost of the paperback you give away as a prize and for the postage to send it to the winner

e.g. We recommend you use professional editing and proofreading services as we are unable to provide these for free

(These are examples, not an exhaustive list.)

We can help you find out more about all of the above!
But any extra costs are covered by you.

Pict in a nutshell

It's important to understand that Pict is a collaboration between women working in the publishing industry. You don't sign a contract with us and therefore don't become legally entitled to any services.

We offer our services and support free of charge.
You get to publish under the Pict Publishing brand.
You retain copyright and royalties.