Saturday, 5 August 2017

The complete Jakes View excerpts Ebook on Amazon.

As someone who always listens  to her fans requests I have compiled the Jakes view excerpts from this blog, tweeked and polished them and turned them into an ebook which is now on Amazon.

As promised, all the chapters you the fans voted on are in this little bonus book, clearly labled so you know exactly where you are at. I really enjoyed being in Jakes shoes for this and giving a little more insight into things from the other side. I feel that it gives you more compassion for Mr Carrero, knowing how tortured a soul he really is on the inside. 

The paperback will be another week or so as we are still tweeking the book, polishing it and any flaws we find will update on the ebook automatically, hence the fact we have released it. Fans have waited long enough for all the chapters to be finished and I am proud of how this turned out.
Writing as the male lead was a new challenge for me and one I hope I succeeded at.

So without much ado, here are the links.

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