Friday, 19 January 2018

Release - Missing Piece by Lizzie James

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Missing Piece by Lizzie James
Cover design: Kathryn Dee at KatDeezigns
Cover Model: Camila Andrews
Photographer: Warren Blair Photography

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Starting college is supposed to be fun. Exciting. Instead i’ve ended up living across the street from Johnny.
Star footballer, charmer, intelligent. Perfect right? Wrong! I have no intention of being this line-backer’s latest
conquest. Staying far away from him is my only choice. even if every little thing he does makes me swoon.
Johnny Baker is bad news for any girl. He’s a player and no girl will change that. Only he wasn’t. He began
to capture my attention more and more until all I thought of was him.
He was my missing piece…
Being the line-backer is easy. Especially when it gets me a different girl in my bed every night. That’s exactly
what Tillie was supposed to be. Just another conquest. Wham and bam! She would be easy. I had never been
with an art geek before but every other female fell at my feet or more accurately into my bed. Only she didn’t.
Tillie Jacobs came into my world and blew it apart. Every little thing she did; every laugh, every moment… she
possessed me.
She was my missing piece…

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