Friday, 23 February 2018

#FridayFacts - Amazon author central profiles

πŸ’› 'The Author Page on  and provides a handy place for customers to learn about you. Helping customers get to know you is an effective way to introduce them to, or better educate them about your books. On the Author Page, we display essential information about authors—including bibliographies, biographies, and author photos.'

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πŸ’› 'Your Amazon Author Central page is your home page on the world’s largest bookstore, yet most independent authors don’t take advantage of it. On it, you can share your biography, photos, feeds to your blog, videos, and tour events. Your author central page lets you manage what buyers see on each of your book pages',… Optimise your page <<< click for tips.

πŸ’› You can open profiles on both the UK and USA versions and we advise that you do both and update them consistently. Put as much info as you deem necessary and good clear images. The profile allows space for a blog RSS feed on the USA version, and both allow book trailers and 5 images at one time. You can update all parts easily and paste across both profiles to keep them the same.

Five tips to improve yours
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πŸ’› 1) Make sure all your books are listed. - Readers who love your style will click on this to find other work by you.

πŸ’› 2) Make sure your books have complete listings. - Good blurbs, cover art. On series books I suggest having them all linked, so that it's easy for a reader to follow on to your next book.

πŸ’› 3) Provide a bio. - Readers want to get to know a little about you.

πŸ’› 4) Include some visual interest. - Promo pics, book trailers and pics of yourself. Humanise your content for the fans who want to know more about the writer behind the books.

πŸ’› 5) Hook up your blog and social media. - Followers and new fans love to be able to follow you and interact and it's a great place to create traffic back to your blog or pages.

Optimisation tips <<< Click for some awesome advice.

πŸ’› Look at other known authors profiles and see the kind of content they are displaying. Use images that are clear and professional looking and make sure your books are all claimed on your profile.
Your bio should be filled out and have a touch of personality. Do not forget your links.

Good examples of Author profiles to look at - 

πŸ’› Looking at profiles of people you admire or know to be successful is a good indicator as to how your page should look. Quite often these pages are set up by people from the publishing world who are paid professionals and make a great template to duplicate.

πŸ’› As an author, you are your best marketing tool, and utilising free profiles across social media will do you so much more good than not spending a little time in making yourself visible. Amazon has a huge amount of traffic and endless day and night clicks across it's content. It's a huge market and this free profile will allow your books more exposure, especially when you have more than one on the market. Readers can be very loyal when they find a style they like and will be thrilled to have all your work and contact details before them with one click.

πŸ’›This is a simple example from one of our authors - L.T.Marshall
She varies between a personal author picture and banners every few weeks, and constantly updates all aspects of her profile. She has both UK and USA profiles and is consistent with both.

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