Thursday, 12 April 2018

Audrina Lane joins Pict Publishing

We are really happy to announce we have a new author joining the Pict family today. Audrina Lane officially becomes a Pict author and valued community member as of this morning, and now you can find her info and books across our website and social media.

๐Ÿ’– About Audrina

Audrina Lane is an author and poet from Herefordshire. She is the author of both the Heart Trilogy series and the Bloodstained Heart series.

When she is not tapping away on the pc she enjoys walking her three black Labradors, listening to eighties music and barefoot dancing. Her dog walks provide muse for her poetry which will soon become a collection.

Expect the unexpected with Audrina's ‘Realistic Romances with an Erotic Twist’. You may not get the traditional Happy Ever After Ending you were expecting!

๐Ÿ’– Audrina's books

Bloodstained Heart: Part 1 - Passion
Meet Felicity, a seventeen year old on the brink of adulthood. Abandoned as a child by her father she watches as men come and go before her mother meets and marries Malcolm. He is a rich, powerful and dangerous and up roots Felicity from the inner city to the suburbs of London.

Felicity tries to fit in but senses that her step-father is being more than just friendly towards her. Then on a family holiday with her step-brother Tony she falls in love with him. Does an eighteen year old stand a chance with a twenty-four year old or is she playing with fire?

Things take a turn at Tony’s 25th Birthday party and this becomes the defining point in Felicity’s life as she vows never to love or trust a man again. Will she take her revenge?

Bloodstained Heart: Part 2 - Revenge
Meet Felicity, a wealthy, successful and happily married woman. But is this faรงade just that, a deception as she continues to plot and scheme against everyone she comes into contact with. Including her husband!

No one is safe from her vengeance that has been festering since she was eighteen. She has gotten her way for over forty years and at some point her revenge may return to hurt her. Will she survive to triumph or will karma prove that what goes around must surely come back around?

Where Did Your Heart Go?
Stephanie is reunited with her first love James as they adjust to being a couple again after twenty four years apart. Can Stephanie exorcise the ghost of her dead husband, Mark, to fully move on into the future? James is puzzled that Mark's killer was never found and vows to investigate this further if it will help Stephanie heal.

Charlotte and Mitchell are making waves in the dance world with transatlantic job offers on the table, but will their ambitions pull them apart? Can Charlotte remain true to her first true love or will other dancers distract her?

All seems to good to be true for the couples but James' ex-wife Felicity is unhappy that her plans in the past failed. Felicity decides that if she can no longer hurt Stephanie then the next target on her list will be her daughter, Charlotte. She will stop at nothing to split her son up from this relationship, even if it means destroying Mitchell in the process.

Unbreak my Heart
Stephanie never truly let go of her first love James in 1988. When the relationship ended she kept her diaries, letters and memories safe in the attic and her heart locked away from any future heartbreak. Now her daughter Charlotte is experiencing the same relationship break up that she did.

Handing her daughter the diaries she hopes to save her from the bleakness she felt at the loss of first love. The diaries inspire Charlotte to strive for true love as she realises that finding the right man is worth the wait. Can Charlotte heal two broken hearts at the same time through a strange twist of fate, destiny, music and dance?

Linking the lives of a mother and daughter together you can join them on their journey of discovery through the highs and lows of first love. Will Stephanie finally face the future after the scars from the past, and find out why James left her? Charlotte starts to discover that dancing with Mitchell will be the time of her life. Does anyone ever forget their first love and can you go back?

Closer to the Heart
As their families successfully become one large one Stephanie is faced with the decision of a lifetime. Her parents are struggling in New Zealand with the pressure of old age and dementia and despite the fact that her life is going perfectly Stephanie feels she needs to be with them. Should Stephanie take the chance of transferring her life half way around the world and break the newly formed bond between her and James.

Charlotte is trying to continue with her life and dancing despite the distraction of another man who offers his help but does it come with strings attached. Will she be able to cope without the help and support of her Mum?

All of them are still battling against the malevolent force of Felicity, James' ex-wife and a woman who will stop at nothing to destroy other's happiness. Who will win this battle, will Stephanie and James find their Together Forever?

A Whiter Shade of Pale
A word, a glimpse, loved and lost but never forgotten. Follow Audrina Lane through the many shades of pale with stories and poems that will invigorate you with their colour, emotion and laughter.

Magic and mystery stories mix with the paranormal and poetry that brings an eclectic mix of topical rhymes to make a truly wonderful balance that will keep you turning the page for the next surprise.

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