Friday, 4 May 2018

#FridayFacts - Useful apps for writers

This Friday, Pict Publishing author Megg Geri talks us through some of her favourite apps for writers.

by Megg Geri

As we're living in the 21st Century, I find that more people are searching for apps for writers to make their writing lives easier. These are the main writing apps that I cannot live without.

Scrivener is the best writing software I could find and I searched long and hard. It's perfect for writing anything from a novel to a screenplay. Scrivener helps you keep everything organised and in one place and then allows you to export your work into various different formats.

This is a super cool app that corrects your grammar. It’s like spell checker on steroids. I just love this one.

Evernote is my everything. I use this app every single day, for everything. I use it as a storage system for recipes, important files, photographs, and even kids drawings. I also use it as a notebook. The best part is it's on all of my devices, so it's always with me.

Write App
This app is amazing for getting rid of any distractions and helping you write. It's fantastic because everything is stored in the cloud. And so, you can access your work and write from anywhere distraction free.

Megg talks through writing apps in more detail in her book Write A Novel In 30 Days.

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