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#MondayMeet - L.T. Marshall

This Monday we’re thrilled to have Pict author L.T.Marshall joining us on the blog to talk about her novels The Carrero Series.

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So Leanne, what inspired you to write The Carrero Series?
Honestly, I have no clue [laughs]. A lot of things I guess. A movie, a book I read, a lifetime of pent up writing skills I had been ignoring and finally it all just came together as the right time. 

I always knew I wanted to write about a damaged woman who was a fighter. A survivor. Not all victims wear visible scars and I wanted to portray that.

Where is The Carrero Series set?
It is set in New York City and moves around within that state and a couple of other places, Book 6 moves between Paris and NYC though.

Who is your protagonist and how did you create them as a character?
I have one protagonist per trilogy, in the first 3 books it is Emma Anderson. She is a mash up of women I have known in my life and parts of me, all combined. 

I wanted to look at very real coping strategies and inner anxieties from people who had suffered what Emma did and give a realistic view of how someone may cope with a childhood like she did. She grew her own personality as the book progressed.

How long did the process take from start to finish – from idea right through to publication?
I am an abnormally freakishly fast storyteller. From idea to publication is normally around a month if I have no other commitments in the way. 

I have now slowed that process down dramatically because I felt it was a very unhealthy way to write, considering the emotional state my books leaves me in afterwards left me poorly after each one. 

Have you learned anything about yourself or your writing during this process?
I am much better at processing old scars if I incorporate them somehow into my stories. I am a better writer than I thought I was. 

I also learned that I don't process emotions until I finish a book so I am pretty deadpan through the writing journey and then afterwards have a bit of an emotional crisis lol.

Do you have any writing routines?
I have very loose ones.  My process stays the same, I use compiling music playlists in stage one rough draft to really get my plot in order. Stage two I will then use those songs to write specific scenes. 

If I feel I cannot write I will take extra days to let the movie in my head develop and do other things. I never force writing. I also have to sit at my same PC and desk to write, nowhere else or I just cannot. 

I also tend to drink a lot of tea or Irn Bru too and snack rather than stop to eat meals. Once I sit down to write a book , I stay at it until it's done.

One final question before we wrap up: Have you planned an end to The Carrero Series?
No. It is an open ended series in slots of trilogies. As long as I am inspired by new characters then I don't see it ending anytime soon. 

The trilogies have their own endings so I am never tied to keeping one plot going. They are such a huge family with so many outside connections that it's a good set up to have multiple different stories in one series without restrictions.

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