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#MondayMeet - Wendy H. Jones

Monday Meet Author Q&A
This Monday we're thrilled to have Wendy H. Jones talking to us about about her novel Killer's Crew.

What inspired you to write Killer's Crew?
The book is the fifth in a series of crime books set in Dundee, Scotland. I had an idea about someone being found hanged from the rigging on an ancient sailing ship and the idea grew from there.

Where is Killer's Crew set?
The book is set around the ship RRS Discovery, which was built in Dundee. Scott of the Antarctic sailed to the Antarctic in it and it's an iconic Dundee tourist attraction. It's the first thing that can be seen whether you approach Dundee by rail, road or air.

Who is your protagonist?
Detective Inspector Shona McKenzie. She is feisty, funny, sharp and caring. She grew from an amalgam of Dundee women who are known to be strong women of character. 

Women have helped to shape Dundee as they were needed as weavers in the Jute Mills. Shona also has the boss from hell so spends a lot of time planning how she could kill him off.

How long was the process from idea to publication?
The book took six months from idea to publication. Each book in the series is intended to take this long and two are published per year.

Wow, that's fast! How do you manage that?
I write a dirty first draft fast, then I spend time editing. I work better when there is pressure for timescale than if I have a long period to write. Procrastination can rush up and grab me by the throat if I give it a minute to get in.

And do you have a writing routine to support this process?
I'm an any time, any place, anywhere type of girl. I can literally write anywhere. I think this comes from my time in both the Royal Navy and the Army: you had to be able to get on with things no mater what disturbance was going on around.

The hardest part for me is research - making sure details are accurate. I used to teach medical law in England. but Scottish law is completely different so I had to research this extensively. 

Thankfully, Police Scotland are helpful in the extreme and answer questions patiently.

Is your time in the services reflected in the books?
I hope not as there are a lot of deaths in my books, and I was a nurse in the services! Although it does mean that anything to do with medicine and autopsy is accurate.

Congratulations on winning the BooksGoSocial Book of the Year 2018 with Killer's Crew.
Thank you. That was exciting!

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