Monday, 30 July 2018

#MondayMeet - S.L. Grigg / @SLGrigg

Monday Meet Author Q&A
This Monday we're thrilled to have S.L. Grigg talking to us about about mental health and her Coffee Break Companion.

What inspired you to write Coffee Break Companion?
Most of the short stories and poetry written in this book were written whilst I was recovering from mental health problems (Borderline Personality Disorderlinks to NHS website). Writing was a form of therapy for me, and a lot of the material is quite dark as a result of my emotions filling the pages.

Well, thank you for being so honest about the catalyst for your book. 

There are many people with mental health issues who will benefit – and not just from reading your work, but also from seeing that those issues don't have to stop you from achieving things.

We usually ask who their protagonist is – an obvious question when someone has written a novel. Does your book have a protagonist?
There are many protagonists, mostly female, mostly suffering in some way, either abuse, mental health or other problems. I wrote with personal experiences in mind so a lot of that is reflected in the characters even if their story isn't my story.

How long was the process from idea to publication?
Well, the first story I wrote that is included in the book was written when I was 11 years old (30 years ago! arghh!) but most were written in the period 2011-2018, with the book being published in 2018.

What have you learned anything during this process?
I like writing with personal experience in mind, it allows me to make my characters more real, believable and likeable. I don't write directly about my experiences in fiction but use them to shape what I do write.

Do you have any writing routines?
Not really, I try to carry a notebook with me so I can write at any time if an idea comes to me. Once I am fleshing out a story I tend to be on my sofa, at home, possibly in my PJs.

Thank you for sharing your writing journey with us. We look forward to chatting again when you have another book to share.

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