Saturday, 15 September 2018

The Carrero Effect FREE!!

🔸️ Are you ready?
🔸️ Are you caught up on all things Carrero?

If not, start now....

💛 The Carrero Series by L.T Marshall ðŸ’›
A romance spanning generations

Each part of the series is made up of 3 books, a Bonus Book - fan requested chapters from the Carrero POV and a playlist.
All the links you need are below.

💛 The Carrero Series - including the latest release Carrero Contract - Selling Your Soul
Universal Link:


💛 Carrero Bonus Books:


(fan requested chapters from Jake and Arrick's POV)
💛 Playlist Link on L.T Marshall's Blog

🔸CarreroSeries ðŸ”¸JakeandEmma ðŸ”¸ArrickandSophie ðŸ”¸AlexiandCamilla ðŸ”¸startaseries ðŸ”¸️playlists

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