Friday, 1 March 2019

Free Carrero Bonus Book – March 1st to 5th 2019

We are onto our 4rth giveaway in our year long Carrero freebie calendar.

The beloved romance series, with a growing fanbase that follows multiple characters as they learn to trust and fall in love.

What is the Carrero series?

Books 1 – 3 are the story of a young, emotionally scarred woman, embarking on a new relationship with her employer. Recently promoted to his side; a friendship forming which helps her face her scars, her past and forms a new life built on mutual trust and love. This is an epic turbulent story about letting people in, letting people go and learning to reconnect with emotion. Lots of engaging characters, twists, turns and drama.
Books 4 – 6  follow the character Sophie, from the first books, and Jake’s brother Arrick. A close friendship formed by mutual need that leads somewhere neither expects.
Books 7 – 9  featuring Alexi Carrero and Camilla Walters. When an ex hooker is saved by the mafia king himself, their relationship kick starts a turbulent affair that neither are prepared for.

The Carrero series is known for it’s gritty insight, it’s basis in child abuse and other forms of control, shining a light on sexual harassment and other topics.

Each trilogy has a bonus book – selected fan chapters rewritten from the male point of view which gives insight into the thought process beside some of the action.

For the entirety of 2019 Book 1 – The Carrero Effect is staying at £1, although the entire series if Free on KU.

Get the Carrero Effect -

What are you getting this month?

Jake’s View – Bonus book for the first 3 books.

Book 1 in my Carrero bonus book series.

These books are a series of their own, as male POV extras.
The much requested favourite chapters from all three books of the Carrero Trilogy. Fans voted on my Facebook group on chapters they wanted to see re-written from Jake Carrero's point of view. All of these were shared on my blog over weeks and have now been polished and presented in an additional quick read book. Please note that this is not a story, but chapters in order from various points in the romance and you will need to read The Carrero Trilogy for this book to have any value to you. This is a fan requested extra. This is not a complete story, rather selected chapters and you need to read the Carrero series for these to have value to you.
The Carrero Effect, The Carrero Influence and The Carrero Solution tell the story of Emma Anderson and Jake Carrero, work colleagues who end up as lovers and a roller coaster journey in the making.

Get the book -

Next month we give away book 4 of the Carrero series and begin into the next trilogy of the series.


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