Monday, 18 March 2019

#MondayMeet - Author Angela Townsend

Monday Meet Author Q&A
This Monday we're thrilled to have Angela Townsend talking to us about about her novel The Forlorned.

What inspired you to write The Forlorned ?

I started writing the Forlorned in 2003 after I had gotten into a bad marriage. The book was a way for me to escape and gave me hope of getting out. Thankfully the book was traditionally published twice before I got the rights back and later republished it in 2018--after a major re-write. The book was made into a movie and released last October. When I think back on things--I realize The Forlorned really was a true horror novel in many ways. This book started while I was in an abusive marriage and It would later take me all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Thankfully I won every battle involved with this book and movie and its made me a stronger person.

Where is The Forlorned set?

My Forlorned Series takes place in Nova Scotia. I love the culture, the music and the fishing industry.

Who is your protagonist?

I have many in my books--some human, some not. Character building takes work. I think you have a basic understanding of good and evil and human nature.

How long was the process from idea to publication?

About a year

Have you learned anything during this process?

I'm stronger than I thought I was.

Do you have any writing routines?

I like to write with mood music in the background. I have a thermos of Barry's Irish tea with cream which I keep filled.

Tell us about your U.S. Supreme Court battle?
In 2018 I won a notable trademark lawsuit over my book title, The Forlorned. The person who sued me is a convicted child sex offender who filed dozens of malicious and frivolous lawsuits against other innocent parties. I refused to give in and the case ended up in the US Supreme Court. Winning that case freed me from years of harassment. I hope my case will provide the legal groundwork to help other authors. Because of that experience I formed Authors Unite Against Bullies. I hope to help others who are being bullied and victims of frivolous lawsuits.

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